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Otto Meyer-Amden: Zwischentöne


Otto Meyer-Amden: Zwischentöne


Oskar Schlemmer and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner praised him, the Swiss art world is celebrating him as a key figure of modernism: the painter and draftsman Otto Meyer-Amden. In Germany, its subtle oeuvre is hardly known; the last solo exhibition located 40 years ago. Now dedicates the Ernst Barlach Haus Hamburg Master of Zwischentöne a showcase for the 125th anniversary. The exhibition and catalog will present 80 major works: figure paintings and diaries, portraits, still lifes and landscapes. At the center are the "boarding school pictures", in which the former orphanage pupil condenses everyday scenes to existential allegories. Meyer-Amden's compositions are figurative and abstraction at the same time, organic and geometric, precise and diffuse, concrete and yet caught up. His imagery holds the meanings in a limbo that "wants to be the cosmos and the quadrangle justice".


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